Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tema Pendidikan

| Minggu, 17 Februari 2013
Contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris dalam rangka Hari Pendidikan Nasional untuk siswa SMP dan SMA.
Ladies and gentlemen,

In this opportunity I'd like to give a little speech about the importance of education to our life. I've got this idea to awake your spirit to accomplish the current education without feeling lazy.

In my opinion, we sometimes find temptation to learn something better. We get bored to study at school, lazy to have new knowledge, and tend to do something useless.

We have to admit that our spirit to study sometimes high, sometimes low. We need something to arouse the spirit to get the appropriate education. How? How to get it?

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have a little tips for you who feel bored to study. For you who don't care of knowledge. I hope these tips will bring you to have something better.

Answer my question first. What is your aim when you go to school? Are you going to get knowledge? Are you going to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you going to meet your gank? Or what?

If you want to meet your friends or someone you like, you'll find them. They will be here staying for you. But, is that our main purpose to school? I think no.

Some of you think you come to school to study something to get new knowledge. I do agree. But, have you found it? Have you felt your knowledge increase a lot?

If you think you are the same as when you come to school for the first time, I believe you are not alone. Many students feel that their knowledge doesn't increase.

Knowledge is something abstract. Something that we cannot feel, touch or watch. It comes to our brain. But we haven't realize that. That's why some students become lazy to school, bored in the classroom.

So, what is the solution?

Ladies and gentlemen.

In my point of view, to awake our spirit is we have to get something real. What is something real? Something that we can touch, feel, or see. What is it? The answer is CERTIFICATE.

CERTIFICATE? Do you know why I said "certificate" is the solution? Because nobody believes us if we don't have certificate.

Look outside there, many vacancies need someone qualified certain education. The certain education can be seen through the certificate.

Yesterday I read a vacancy. It told that a company needed an employee minimum Senior High School. 

How can we prove that we are Senior High School qualification? Of course through the certificate. We won't tell the manager to call the headmaster of our school, but only with a certificate.

Ladies and gentlemen.

To increase the spirit to get deserve education, I ask you think about "certificate". If you cannot think about knowledge, just let your brain think about "certificate". It will help you to have more spirit. You will try to accomplish your level because you have a certain purpose in the future.

I think that's all. Thanks for your attention.

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