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Descriptive Text: Megan Fox

| Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012
This article is describing Megan Fox, The sexiest woman

Descriptive text about an American lady, Megan Fox

Her full name is Megan Denise Fox. She was born in Tennessee on May 16, 1986. She is Irish, French and Native American ancestry. Her father's name is Franklin Thomas Fox. Her mother's name is Gloria Darlene.

Megan Fox is good looking. She has slim body, white skin, dark hair, blue eyes, thin lips and pointed nose. She is tall enough, 180 cm.

Megan Fox is an actress and a model. She has ever played in movies like Transformer, and Jennifer's Body. As a model, Megan often appears in some adult magazine like FHM. She has ever selected as the sexiest woman in the world.

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