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Recount Text: Celine Dion's Biography

| Jumat, 14 Desember 2012
Recount Text
Celine Dion's Biograhy

Celine Dion, Recount Text

Celine Dion was born in Quebec, Canada, March 30, 1968. She is well-known as a Canadian pop singer. She began her debut as a profesinal singer in 1981. That time she sang a french song.

Celine released her first English song album in 1990. It made her becoming a very popular singer during 90s. The very famous song she sang was "My Heart Will Go On". That was released in 1999 as Titanic movie soundtrack.

Celine got many awards. In 1996, she got "Medals of Arts and Letters" from France Government as the most wanted singer along the history of France. In 2004, she got Chopard Diamond from World Music Award as the most wanted singer in the world. In 2007, Sony BMG announced that Celine Dion's album was sold out for 200 millions of copies.

Written by Fadlieha

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