Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

Contoh Percakapan di Sekolah: Asking and Giving Opinion About Facebook and Blackberry

| Rabu, 05 Desember 2012
Contoh percakapan singkat asking and giving opinion about Facebook and Blacberry antara 2 cewek, Yohana dan Dwitiya di sekolah.

Yohana: Dwi, I have 2 things to ask you.
Dwitiya: What is it about?
Yohana: Something interesting about Facebook and Blackberry.
Dwitiya: Very interesting. What are going to ask?
Yohana: What do you think of Facebook?
Dwitiya: It's fun. I have a facebook account you know. I use it to get in touch with a lot of friends.
Yohana: Is it fun? Why do you think so?
Dwitiya: Yea. I can meet someone online. I can play game when feel bored.
Yohana: OK. The second question about Blackberry.
Dwitiya: I think Blacberry is cool, but I don't really like it.
Yohana: Why?
Dwitiya: I can't stand to see someone to stay his eyes on the phone. It looks busy. But, It's not useful.
Yohana: Do you want to have it?
Dwitiya: I had it. But, I returned to my parent. I don't like to disturbed by anyone through BBM and email
Yohana: Ow, nice. Thanks for your opinion.
Dwitiya: Why do you ask those things?
Yohana: I have a task from my teacher to make an interview.
Dwitiya: Cool!

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