Rabu, 21 November 2012

Engish Conversation How to Order Food [Pizza] by Phone

| Rabu, 21 November 2012
That was Sunday evening. Ardini was very starving. She wanted to eat some food. But, she didn't find any food. The, she decided to order a pizza. She dialed pizza hut number using her mobile phone.

Waiter: Good evening. Pizza Hut, can I hel you?

Ardini: Yes, I'd like to have a small pizza.

Waiter: OK. a small pizza. May I have your name and phone number?

Ardini: I'm Ardini.

Waiter: Ardini?

Ardini: Yea. Ardini. My phone number is 081946689337.

Waiter: OK Ardini. I'm gonna repeat your phone number. It's 081946689337.

Ardini: Right.

Waiter: What kind of pizzas would you like to order?

Ardini: I'd like a small pizza, thin crust. The toppings are sausage and shrimp.

Waiter: Small pizza, thin crust, sausage and shrimp. OK, anything else?

Ardini: No, thanks. How much does it cost?

Waiter: It's fifty thousand rupiahs. Can you tell me your address?

Ardini: Rosario street number 31.

Waiter: OK Ardini. Your pizza order will arrive in 30 minutes.

Ardini: Thank you.

This english conversation how order a pizza is written by Fadli Eha

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