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Recount Text Perjalanan Dinas

| Senin, 22 Oktober 2012
Recount text adalah teks yang berfungsi menceritakan pengalaman seseorang secara berurutan. Pengalaman itu bisa dari penulis, atau pengalaman orang lain yang ditulis oleh seorang penulis.

Ciri-ciri utama dari Recount text adalah kejadian-kejadian disampaikan secara berurutan. Dengan begitu, pembaca seperti membaca sebuah urutan peristiwa.

Teks yang termasuk ke dalam recount text antara lain biografi, auto biografi, diary, dan laporan perjalanan. Biografi adalah catatan hidup seseorang yang dituliskan orang lain dari lahir sampai dewasa bahkan sampai mati. Contohnya biografi pahlawan. Auto biografi adalah catatan hidup yang ditulis sendiri oleh seorang pengarang. Diary bisa disebut catatan harian atau kegiatan harian. Sedangkan laporan perjalanan biasanya berupa cerita pengalaman liburan atau kegiatan dinas seseorang.

Kali ini saya akan berbagi Recount text berjenis cerita pengalaman selama perjalanan dinas. Perjalanan dinas ini terjadi seminggu yang lalu.

Oxford Team, Mr. Fadli, Mr. Andika, Miss. Novi
There was an invitation from Department of Education of Jember. I was invited to attend a meeting. The meeting was about how to handle and care a private institution. I represented my institution LKP Oxford.
That was Sunday afternoon around 1 p.m. I rode my motorcycle to Rembangan hotel where it laid on a mountain in Jember. The road was up and down. My friend and I moved slowly. That was only 20 minutes to reach the top.
The opening ceremony started at 4.30 p.m. We hold up the meeting in a big hall. The meeting began with  giving speech by the head of Department of Education represented by Mr. Sudiyono as the head of section of informal education. He spoke much about private course and the differences between formal and informal education. We ended the first day at 9 in the evening.
The second day, we had breakfast at 6.30 a.m. Then we continued the meeting. The whole day was full of materials. That was tiring day. But my friends and I tried to kill it by singing together after the meeting lasted at night.
The last day was on Tuesday. The meeting ended in the morning around 10. We had a very simple closing ceremony. The participants shook hands to say good bye.
I rode my motorcyle slowly. I enjoy the way home. The day was sunny. Rembangan looked so beautiful. Although I felt tired, I was happy to have the meeting.
Demikian contoh Recount text mengenai perjalanan dinas. Kamu bisa baca contoh recount text lainnya di artikel terkait di bagian bawah postingan ini.

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