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Descriptive Text: Mulan Jameela

| Jumat, 15 Juni 2012
Descriptive text about Indonesian pop singer, Mulan Jameela.

Her full name is Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari. She has a famous name, Mulan Jameela. She was born in Garut on August 23rd, 1979.

Mulan Jameela has dark hair, white skin, beautiful voice, and sexy body. She is not really tall. She is only 162 cm tall.

Mulan has become a well known singer after she sang duet with Maia. They both sing for RATU which has dismissed.

After singing for a long period with RATU, Mulan sings solo. She has ever released some famous song such as Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy and Abracadabra.

The writer: Fadli Eha - Sekolahoke.com
The picture is taken from: www.kapanlagi.com

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