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Review Text Action Comedy Film Johnny English Reborn

| Minggu, 01 April 2012
Review Text for action comedy film, Johnny English Reborn

Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) in Casino

This film is produced by Universal Picture and Working Title Production. It is starred by a famous comedian, Rowan Atkinson.
Johnny English is called back by MI7, a spy organization in London, to go on duty. He has to leave to Hong Kong to meet Titus Fisher. The man has an information that there will be a murder. The prime minister of China will be killed in Switzerland. Johnny English has to save him.

Johnny English gets information from Fisher that a hired assassin called Vortex is prepared to kill the prime minister. Vortex was also responsible for the death of President Mozambique a few years ago. Fisher tells Johnny English that he is one of 3 people in Vortex. According to Fisher, Vortex has a secret key. The key is owned by the tree men. If they are united, they can kill someone using the key.

Unfortunately, Fisher has been killed by a Chinese woman. Johnny English chases the killer who takes the key. Johnny English is a careless man. He loses the key when he and his partner, Tucker, fly back to London.

Johnny English tries to find Karlenko, the second man in Vortex. Finally, Johnny meets Karlenko, but poor him. Karlenko is killed also during a golf game play. Karlenko tells Johnny that the third man is in MI7 itself.

The last man in Vortex is Simon. The man is an important man in MI7. Johnny English doesn't realize it although Tucker has told him and give him a proof through a photo of Simon and Fisher in Mozambique. The worse thing happened. He gives the key to Simon. It makes him easy to use the secret weapon to kill the prime minister of China.

On the day of murder planning, Simon prepares the secret weapon. The secret weapon is a liquid that can control someone activity. Simon have a plan to make Pegassus, MI7 commander, kill the prime minister. But, before Pegassus drinks the liquid, poor Johnny English drinks it.

Johnny English is in Simon's control. He commands Johnny to kill Jang Ping. The power of Shaolin head off Johnny not to kill the prime minister. But, he is in bad condition. In a few minute after drinking the liquid, Johnny English will die.

The Simon's effort fails. He escapes. At that time, Johnny English is in the middle of his death. His life is saved by Kate Summer, a Behavior Psychologist of MI7, who gives him a kiss.

Johnny looks after Simon. Finally, Simon is dead after explosion. 

Johnny and Kate Summer after a tender kiss for his life
The movie is interesting and fun. There are a lot of ridiculous scenes. Beside that, the film also presents some straining scenes.

Unfortunately, some part of the movie should be censored for kids. The kiss from Kate Summer to Johnny to help him back to his life is not appropriate for them.

Written by: Fadli Eha - Sekolahoke.com

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