Rabu, 18 April 2012

Kinds of Topic Suitable to Improve Speaking Skills for Junior High School Students

| Rabu, 18 April 2012
Topic is needed to make student easily accessed to the lesson. It will make students learn the language through clear context.

What are suitable topics to improve speaking skills for Junior High School Students? Here are some ideas for teachers to build up students' ability.

1. School life
Ask students to make a conversation about school activities or ask them to have a monologue describing their school.

2. Family
Ask students to describe about their family or ask them to interview their friends about their family members.

3. Hobbies and Interest
Ask students to talk about their hobbies. Tell them to interview their classmates and ask them to report to the class.

4. Shopping
Ask students to retell what they were doing when they went shopping with their family last week.

5. Technology
Ask students to talk about electronic devices they use everyday. Ask them to interview their classmates and make report in speaking or writing.

6. Movie
Play a movie. Tell them to write the interesting part of the movie played. After they watch, ask them to tell their classmates about the movie.

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