Senin, 30 April 2012

How To Teach Future Tense "To Be Going To"

| Senin, 30 April 2012
I usually use the following technique to teach future tense especially using "To Be Going To". It's not only to teach the grammatical features, but also to give students a chance to practice the grammar in speaking skills.

1. Ask students to make a schedule of their activities for forthcoming week. Give them an example as following:
go swimming
teach at Ohio University
watch movie at Corona theater
play football
go jogging
meet my boss
go on holiday in Hawai

2. Give students an example of short dialogue:
A: What are you going to do on Tuesday?
B: I'm going to watch movie at Corona theater.

3. Ask students to interview their friends about the schedule using the sample dialogue above.

4. Ask students to report the result to the class.

5. Tell them the function of future tense using "to be going to".

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