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How To Maintain A Good Relationship With Students

| Selasa, 08 Mei 2012
This posting is an opinion how to maintain a good relationship (rapport) with our students.

What happen if your students are afraid of you? They usually feel threatened and scared when you give them a lesson. The impact is they will not enjoy learning process. They will probably desperate to have good skills in your lesson.

Teachers should realize that good and nice environment will bring students feeling ease. They will enjoy learning because they have a good relationship with you. We call this relationship as good rapport

Rapport means a good relationship between teachers and students. Good rapport is needed to make the learning process running well because it makes students feeling closed to the teachers.

How to maintain a good rapport with students? Here are some suggestions:

1. Avoid threatening.

When facing a little bit naughty student, teachers sometimes feel threatening is a good way to make him/her change his/her habits. Teachers hope they can make them scared and stop making a fool thing. They didn't realize that threatening makes students stay away and build up a defensive wall. Defensive wall here means something that makes them hate or dislike our lesson. If it happens on and on, everything you teach, they will never get.

2. Try to remember their names and call out.

If you have large number of students may be it's difficult to remember their names. Whereas, it can help you to be closer to your students. Students likes very much when their teacher calls out his/her name. To maintain good rapport, it is better for you to remember their names. You can use their nickname. To avoid forgetful, you may use their traits or physical appearance.

3. Give a little time to talk with them outside classroom.

When you are not teaching, greet your students. You may only say hello or a small talk. But avoid to joke too much or they won't respect you as a teacher.

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