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Difference Between School and Course

| Senin, 07 Mei 2012
School and Course are different. What are the differences?

School and course are two institutions that have same function i.e. to make learners have skills or competence. They have curriculum that is used to reach the purpose of teaching and learning.

So, what are the differences between school and course? Here are some opinion:
  • Schools are formal institution that has some levels which is ruled by the government. But courses are informal institution that that has some levels which is ruled by private company or not ruled by the government.
  • Schools have financial management supported by government. But, courses are built from the company which the financial administration is managed by themselves and depends on the learners tuition.
  • Schools have large number of students based on the age. But courses are based on the placement test which has been conducted in the beginning of the course.
  • Schools have some rules that have to be obeyed by the students. In schools, students can be kicked out if they have violation of the rules. But in courses, the rules are not strict. The rules are composed to make the learning process seemed smooth. But, the violation will not make students out of the course.
  • Students need to study one year to pass through into the higher level. But in courses, it can be shorter around 6 - 9 months per level.

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