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Classroom Activities: Reading Discussion Text

| Selasa, 26 Juni 2012
Classroom Activities for Reading skills: Discussion text

Task 1.
Look at the pictures. Do you think they have done something wrong? Why?

Task 2.
Read the following text carefully and find the meaning of the words based on the context. Consult your dictionary!

There have been changes in the policy of charging careless drivers (in London). Motorists caught talking on a hand-held mobile phone or sending a text while driving could be jailed under the charge of careless driving. In the most serious cases they could be charged with dangerous driving, which carries a two year minimum sentence and unlimited fine. Such a type of charging is applied in response to growing public concern over drivers using hand-held phones.

Against the ban, some people believe that driving while calling is generally a safe practice. Then, it is a bit difficult to charge one caught talking on a handheld mobile phone or sending a text while driving to face jail terms. They argue that cell phones are no different from any other distracted driving -- like eating, drinking, putting make-up, shaving, smoking, and talking to back seat passengers.

In spite of this, the ban needs to be enforced. It is according to the fact, stated by Department for Transport, that drivers are four times more likely to crash if they are holding a mobile or sending a text while at the wheel. The ban does not cover hands-free phones, but drivers who use them can still be charged if police think they’re not in control of their vehicle. Statistics already show that the real distraction is the conversation, even if it is hands free. As it has been statistically proven that hands free conversation is a distraction, so the current laws is toughened.

Along with the debate on banning cell phone use at the wheel, there has been made a system called ‘Cell Phone Block While Driving’. This system is a device that prevents people from using a cell phone by the driver while car is moving. If the car is stopped for any reason, (red light, parking, etc.) a cell phone will work. If in motion, a cell phone doesn’t work. It is believed that the best use of the resources is in making cars safer and implementing auto reactive features that can take over for the driver, not in limiting the driver’s options.

Vocabulary items
ban : ....
motorist : ....
concern : ....
distraction : ....
enforce : ....
caught : ....
terms : ....
toughen : ....
device : ....
(in) motion : ....
auto reactive : ....
feature : ....

Task 3.
Answer the following questions based on the text above!
1. What could be charged for motorists caught using cell phones while driving?
2. Why is the ban enforced?
3. Should the ban cover motorists using hands-free phones? State your argument.

Task 4.
You are going to make an interview. Ask your partner's opinion about the following issue.
1. Ban will be increased for careless driver.
2. Talking on the phone while driving is not dangerous.

Task 5.
Now arrange your partners' opinion and give your conclusion/recommendation.

Reference: Interlanguage - Joko Priyana

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