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Listening Spoken Report Text About Orangutans

| Sabtu, 24 September 2011
This material is arranged to practise listening to spoken report text. The report text is about orangutans. Listen to the recording carefully and choose the correct answer below!

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1. Why are orangutans endangered?
a. Habitat loss and hunting.
b. Hunting and helping.
c. Killing and reserving.
d. Habitat loss and saving.

2. What is the Male's throat-pouch for?
a. Digesting.
b. Keeping food.
c. Producing a loud groaning and bubbling call.
d. Producing a bubbling call and keeping food.

3. Where are the orangutans' habitats?
a. Only in Borneo island.
b. Only in the Java island.
c. In Borneo and Sumatra islands.
d. In Borneo, Sumatra, Kalimantan islands.

4. What do they mostly consume?
a. Termites.
b. Leaves.
c. Fruits.
d. Soft inner barks.

5. When do they reproduce?
a. Every once a year.
b. Once every two years.
c. Once every three years.
d. Once every four to eight years.

The correct answers are:

Check the listening script here: Report Text About Orangutans

The text is taken from Scaffolding - Joko Priyana

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