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Teaching Grammar Present Continuous Tense Using Communicative Method

| Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012
Teaching grammar should vary. It's supposed to release boredom to learn language. The following is an example of how to teach grammar using communicative method.

Technique: Describing activities
Topic: Activities at present
Media/Material: Available object
1. Hold a magazine and start the lesson by asking students what you are holding. After that take your bag, and ask students what you are taking. If your students have problem with the vocabulary, write on the board some verbs, such as open, close, carry, take, speak, look, sit, etc. Look at the following example:
"Well, look at me. What am I doing? (You are holding a magazine). Now tell me what am I doing? (You are opening the magazine). And ...."

2. Continue the activities with some other questions. Use your students as the example. Point out a student and ask the other students what he/she is doing. Look at the following example:
"Look at Jolie, what is she doing now? Is she standing? What is she wearing?.... "

3. Ask 5 students to write down the answer in full sentence on the board. If you find some errors, correct after they have finished writing.

4. Give a brief explanation about the formula of present continuous tense.
S + is/am/are + Verb-ing + Now/At the moment/At present

5. Give some more example of present continuous tense. 

6. Tell the students the detail of verb changes, how to form verb-ing, and some exceptional verbs that cannot be changed into verb-ing.

1. Ask students to observe their friend activities. Ask them in spoken language. After that, write down the questions on the board or give them hand out.
  • What is he doing?

  • What am I wearing?
2. Give students 5 minutes to work in group and ask them to write the result on the board.

3. Tell them the function of present contionuous tense.

1. Divide students into several groups. Ask them to come to the other part of the school e.g. teacher's room, library, laboratory. Tell them to observe what people are doing there. Give 10-15 minutes to complete the task.

2. Ask students to report the result in fron of the class.

3. Give students time to write reflection about what they have learned from the lesson.

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