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How to Prepare Students Mentality Before Learning English

| Jumat, 25 Mei 2012
Teaching is like when we are going to have an exercise or sport. We need to have some preparation before doing that. So what should we do to prepare our students before they are involved in learning process. Here is some suggestion for you.

To be successful in teaching and learning, a teacher should prepare students' mental to learn new language. The purpose of the preparation phase is to arouse the students' interest, give them positive thinking about learning and put them in optimum learning situation.

How to prepare students' mentality before involving in main activities of the lesson? Here are some suggestion: 

Giving students positive suggestion
Positive suggestion in the beginning of the lesson will make students feel that they will get the knowledge easily. Teacher may say something positive about the lesson they will get e.g. "This lesson is easy. I think you will not have difficulties to cope with. 

Telling the useful of the current learning
Telling the useful of the lesson will make students believe that they will study something that can be used to improve and increase their quality. 

Telling the aims of the study clearly
It's better the teacher tells the aims of the study in the beginning of the lesson. This is very useful to help students to focus on what they should get in the lesson. 

Creating positive and nice environment
Make the classroom look nice and comfortable enough to students. Some suggestion such as changing the classroom accessories, the seat position and the colour of wall. 

Creating positive social life
Make the students to stay in positive social life. Doing the task in group in pair or groun would be better than work individually. Make them feel that they don't have such a competition in the classroom. 

Releasing students from anxiety
Avoid to make students feel afraid or anxious. Be nice and wise to them. 

Reducing the barrier
Discuss the barrier will be faced in the learning process with students. Ask them to write down what problem they will get and solve the problem together. 

Encouraging students' curiosity
One of the purpose of preparation is to encourage students' curiosity. Teacher may encourage students' curiosity by giving problems to discuss in group, making survey or asking and giving questions. 

Involving Learners
Don't let students feel they are not involved in the learning process. Give them chance since the beginning of the lesson.

Reference:Dave Meier - The Accelerated Learning

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