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5 Ways How to Enrich Students Vocabulary Items

| Rabu, 13 Juni 2012
How to enrich our students' vocabulary items? You will know how to do that in this posting.

English is a means of communication. We use English to interact with others especially foreigners. To be good in communication we have to have some tools to reach it e.g. grammar, vocabulary items, and pronunciation. The language tools are important and supporting each other.

This posting is only focused on how to enrich students' vocabulary to build up their language competence. The other language components will be discussed next time.

The following are some suggestions that teachers may help students to enrich their vocabulary achievement:

1. Practice listening a lot.
It's better for teachers to have listening section every time they teach English. The listening skills may be vary e.g. listening to English song, Monologue, Dialogue, News on Radio/TV.

2. More reading tasks.
Reading is another receptive skill. Teachers should set more reading task to enrich students' vocabulary. The reading task is not only limited to reading text found in the workbook, teachers may extend the reading task to the newspaper, magazine, or from authentic materials from the internet.

3. Enforce with productive skills.
After students have listening and reading practice, enforce them with the productive skills i.e. speaking and writing. Remember, the task should be set after the students look confident enough to produce the language.

4. Encourage them to use in their daily activities.
For English foreign language learners, these will be very difficult enough. They usually don't feel confident enough to speak in English. To solve this problem, teachers may ask them to write Daily Agenda thay will be checked by teacher regularly.

5. Remind the vocabulary items have learnt.
Don't be tired to remind them about vocabulary items they have learnt. Teachers may remind the vocabulary items by giving review before teaching the new lesson, or make a list of vocabulary items sticked on the wall around the classroom. Remember to make it fun for the students.

We are teachers. Students, especially young learners, need our help to develop their ability. Don't be tired or bored to be a wise and nice teacher.

Finally I would like to say that, those suggestions come from me, an English teacher. If you have another opinion about how to enrich students' vocabulary, you may post your comments in the following. The more suggestion we get, I think, It will be good for us to help the other teachers may be finding problem to help their students improving students ability.

So long
Fadli Eha

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