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Fun Teaching Grammar Using Table | Simple Present Tense

| Rabu, 18 Juli 2012
There are some kinds of strategy to teach grammar. One of them is using table format. Applying table format is easy to make students aware of parts of speech. Beside that, table format is able to help students composing a sentence. 

How to teach grammar using table format? The following is step by step to do that:

1. Choose grammar you want to teach e.g. simple present tense.

2. Ask students to draw a table. You may draw first at the whiteboard or prepare in worksheet. 

3. Fill the table with a simple present tense e.g. I usually walk to school.
     I          Usually          Walk            to school    


Have breakfas

at school canteen

4. Ask students to fill the table with the following words. Remind them to put the words in the suitable part of speech. You may give an example before they do the task.
  • Have breakfast
  • Sometimes
  • We
  • at school canteen
  • go jogging
  • at night
  • Often
  • You
  • She
  • to my office
  • take a bath
  • in the morning
  • He
  • They
5. After students complete the task, ask them to make words combination from the table to build a sentence e.g. You take a bath in the morning.

6. Check their work. Some students may write "She go jogging in the morning". Correct and explain that verb should be added by -s/-es if the subject is third person singular.

7. Give students a task e.g. gap filling, multiple choice to check their understanding.

8. Conclude the simple present tense and tell them the function.

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