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How to Teach Self Introduction in Speaking Class

| Minggu, 17 Juni 2012
Teaching students who are beginners in English is tricky. Easy because they are beginner level means not much of a burden, but it's rather difficult because we must encourage them to speak English confidently.

First material for English lessons in Junior High School are addressing the person who has or has not been known. Many teachers are confused how to keep students in order to get acquainted with each other in English. Some teachers have done a shortcut by having memorized a dialogue and then practice them in class. Some others immediately called one by one to introduce themselves in front of the class.

In this posting I just want to give a little variation in speaking activities to meet this particular material. Here's an example:

Mingling Activity Strategy
Have students create a table that contains name, address, and date of birth. Then ask them to ask 10 students about their identity and insert the data into the table. before doing that teach them how to ask about the identity.

No      Name          Address         Date of Birth    

Role Playing Strategy
Choose 10 students who are confident enough to speak. The 10 students will be people with different professions. Later they will introduce themselves in front of the class. Other students create a table containing Name, Age, Occupation and address. They were asked to listen to the introduction of 10 selected-students and insert the data into the table.

     Name        Age           Job          Address    

Are these suggestions helpful? I Hope they can overcome your problem in teaching process in the classroom. Any other suggestion? Please, feel free to share here!

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