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How to Make Teaching Preparation

| Senin, 28 Mei 2012
Professional teachers should have at least 3 steps in teaching and learning process. They are preparation, implementation, and evaluation. This posting is mainly discussed about teaching preparation. 

Good preparation is a way to be successful in teaching and learning. Before start a lesson, teachers must prepare everything to make the learning process running well.  

What should teachers do before teaching in the classroom? Here are some suggestions:

1. Choosing aims.
Teaching aim is the first thing teachers should define before going into the classroom. Check the aim of teaching set on the syllabus. Example: By the end of the lesson students will be better able to compose text in the genre of descriptive.

2. Making Lesson Plan.
Lesson plan is kind of outline. It can help teachers focusing on how teachers will act step by step in the classroom. Lesson plan aslo displays what teachers need for teaching activities. To make lesson plan, read Easy Steps How to Make Lesson Plan 

3. Preparing Teaching Media.
Before entering the classroom, prepare all media needed in the learning process, such as hand out, video/audio player, LCD, OHP, realia, pictures and flashcard. Check the media. Teachers must be sure that they run well before the class begins.

4. Entering the Classroom.
Read the steps in the lesson plan. Put it on the table. Make sure the lesson plan can be accessed easily. After that, set up media will be used in the learning process. If all the preparation has been completed, start the lesson.

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