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Football Game for English Teaching

| Jumat, 20 Juli 2012
This game can be used as warming up before the English lesson begins. It's supposed to increase learners' motivation in learning English.

The game's called football match game because the media used in this game are similar to real football match. How to play the football match game? Follow the instructions below!

1. Create a ball made from a piece of paper. Cut a piece of paper into circle shape. Draw some dots on the paper ball so that the paper is similar to real ball.

2. Use double tips on the paper ball to stick it easily on the whiteboard.

3. Draw football pitch on the whiteboard. Mark the pitch with 7 dots: 1 dot in the center of pitch, 2 dots on the left of the pitch and the other two dots on the right, 1 dot inside the goal. Draw the dots form like Z. The dots are used to place the paper ball. (See the picture!)

4. Prepare some questions based on the topic will be learnt. Make it simple.

Play the game:
1. Divide students into 2 groups. Ask them to name their team. It will be more interesting if using real football team e.g. Real Madrid FC, Manchester United.

2. Tell the rule of the game e.g. "I'm going to give you a question. Please, answer orally as quick as possible. The team with quickest and correct answer will kick the ball to the opponent area".

3. Stick the paper ball in the center of the pitch.

4. Read the first question. The team with the fastest and correct response has a chance to kick the ball.

5. Move the paper ball and place on the lost team area.

6. Read the second question and so on.

7. Move the paper ball to the left pitch if the right team wins the question. On the contrary, move the paper ball to the right if the left team wins the question.

8. Give score if the paper ball reach the goal.

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