Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Recount Text | A Trip to Surabaya City

| Kamis, 02 Juni 2011
Last week I had a long trip to Surabaya by motorcycle. I went there because there was a duty from my school to have English teachers’ training at Religion Department Office on Jl. Juanda. That was tiring, but I like it.

I left Bondowoso around 2 a.m. Why did I start the journey at very early morning? Because the meeting would be started at 8 o’clock. I thought I wouldn’t be late leaving for Surabaya at that time.

I needed 6 hours to arrive in Surabaya. That was hot and dumps. I stopped at a petrol Station to wash my hands and clean my face in the public toilet there.

I asked someone there where Jl. Juanda. He told me the street. Ten minutes later I found the building. Luckily, I arrived there at 8 sharp. The meeting started sooner after I entered the room.

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