Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

How to Invite Someone | Gambit in Speaking

| Selasa, 14 Juni 2011
Observe the following picture story!

The boy said “would you like to come to my party?” It means that he asked the girl to attend his party.

The girl replied “sure.” It means that the girl agreed to attend the boy’s party.

The following are the other expressions you may use to invite someone.
  • We should be delighted if you …
  • I’d like you to …
  • Shall we …
  • What about …?
  • Come and …

You may use the following expression to reply an invitation.
  • Sure.
  • With pleasure
  • I’d be delighted to …
  • I’d like to very much.
  • I won’t say no.
  • That’ll be great.
  • Okay.

Written by Fadli Eha
Comic Strips by Fadli Eha
Reference: Scaffolding 3 – Joko Priyana

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