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Spoof Text | We Don't Subscribe to Any Newspaper

| Minggu, 15 Mei 2011
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Mike was a university student. He studies history.

At the end of the year, his history professor failed him in his examinations and he was told to leave the university.

The next day, Jack's father went to see the proffessor. He urged the professor to let Jack continue his studies the following year. "He's a good boy," said Jack's father, "and if you give him a chance this time, I'm sure he will improve a lot next year."

"No, no! That's quite impossible!" replied the professor, "Do you know, last month I asked him when Napoleon died, and he could not answer it."

"Please, sir, give him another chance," said Jack's father, "you see, we don't subscribe to any newspapers in our house, so none of us even knew that Napoleon was ill."

This spoof text is taken from Students' workbook for MA XI
Illustration: Photobucket.com

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