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Soal dan Pembahasan UN SMP: Descriptive Text - Our School

| Rabu, 06 April 2011
Artikel ini membahas soal Descriptive text yang selalu muncul dalam Ujian Nasional SMP setiap tahunnya. Kali ini kita akan menyelesaikan soal-soal yang menanyakan gambaran umum serta detil informasi dalam teks tentang Our School (sekolah kita).

Our school
Our school has three parking lots. Two of them are near the front yard. We must put our bicycles there. The other parking lot is for the staff's motorcycles. It is next to the staff room, opposite Class VIIC.

The headmaster's office is between the staff room and the school office.

There are six toilets in the school. Four of them are in the corner, at the back. They are for students. And the other two are next to Class VIIID. They are for the staff and guests.

We have a sport hall at the back, behind classrooms IXA, B, and C. Next to the sport hall are two small dressing rooms.

The science lab is between Class VIIIA and the library. Between the library and the sport hall there is a small mosque for the muslim students to pray.

If you want to have snacks and drinks, you can go to the school cafetaria near the class VIIF.

1. What are there next to Class VIII D?
a. Toilets
b. Parking lots
c. Laboratories
d. Changing rooms

2. Where are the parking lots for the students?
a. Opposite to class VIIID
b. Between the staff rooms
c. Next to the school office
d. Near the front yard

3. "Four of them are in the corner, at the back." (paragraph 3). What does the underline word refer to?
a. Toilets
b. Parking lots
c. Classrooms
d. Changing rooms

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