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Latihan Soal Ujian Nasional - Recount Text : Survival

| Senin, 14 Maret 2011
Mari berlatih menjawab soal teks yang agak panjang. Teks ini adalah teks Recount yang menceritakan pengalaman dua orang laki-laki yang bisa bertahan hidup selama 66 hari di lautan.

A Couple Who Survived an Amazing 66 Days at Sea. 

A couple from Miami, Bill and Simone Butler spent sixty-six days in a life raft in the seas of central America after their yacht sank. They survived in a very good condition.

Twenty-one days after they left Panama in their yacht, named Siboney, they met some whales which started to hit the side of the yacht. Then suddenly they heard water. Two minutes later, the boat was sinking. They jumped into the life-raft and watched the yacht go under the water.

For twenty days they lived with tins of food biscuits and bottles of water. They also had a fishing-line and a machine to make salt water into drinking water, two things which saved their lives. They caught eight to ten fish a day and ate them raw. Then the line broke. So they had no more fish until something very strange happened. Some sharks came to feed, and the fish under the raft were afraid and came to the surface. Bill caught them with hands.

About twenty ships passed them, but no one saw them. After fifty days at sea, their life-raft was beginning to break up. Then suddenly it was all over. A fishing boat saw them and picked them up. They couldn't stand up, so the captain carried them onto his boat and took them to Costa Rica. Their two months at sea was over.

Jawablah pertanyaan berikut!
1. Bill and Simone got to the seas of Central America by ...
A. ship
B. fishing boat
C. yacht
D. life-raft
2. The second paragraph tells us about ....
A. the reason why the yacht sank.
B. the way how Bill and Simone Butler survived.
C. the reason why the whales hit the boat.
D. the life-raft for sailing.
3. How long were Bill and Simone in the seas of Central America?
A. 66 days
B. 21 days
C. 20 days
D. 10 days

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