Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Classroom Activities: How to Tell Interesting News

| Minggu, 09 Januari 2011
Material: How to tell interesting news

Useful Expression: 
I announce that...
This is our great pleasure that ...
I have interesting news.
I have excelent news.
Marvellous, there ...

Time: 2 x 40 minutes

Task One
Which one is your favourite news? Rearrange from the news you like most!

Task Two
Listen to the news and fill in the gap!
1. I have interesting news. Our school has a _________ on the internet.
2. Marvellous, there will be extra _________ for you all on your great job.
3. This is our great pleasure that UNGU Band will have a _________ in Jember.
4. I announce that Lionel Messi has _________ 1 goal againts Deportivo.
5. I have excelent news. Our new headmaster will give us free _________ payment.
website - examination - payment - concert - scored

Task Three
Guess what kind of news it is!
The answer:
1. technology
2. economy
3. music
4. sport
5. education

Task Four
Can you find 5 expression of telling interesting news in the text?

Task Six
Listen to your friends and guess what kind of news they tell!

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