Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Autentic Materials for Reading Tasks

| Kamis, 23 Desember 2010
In teaching and learning process, teacher may need some reading materials to teach reading in the classroom. Texts can be found in the textbook, magazines, newspaper, Internet, brochure, etc.

Autentic materials are materials that usually found not in a textbook for students, but they lay on magazines, newspaper, internet or the others.

The benefits of teaching using autentic materials are to make students learn language naturally by reading some original texts. Students are able to know the structure and vocabularies which foreigners use directly. Beside that, autentic materials open up the students' mind to think using original language.

The disadvantages of using autentic materials are the text is not easily structured, large complicated vocabularies and some phrases that never used by the second or foreign language learner. Teacher needs to adapt the materials in order to be understood easily by the learners.

The following are places where you can find many autentic material for reading tasks:




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