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Descriptive Text: Tukul Arwana

| Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012
Tukul Arwana

(Tukul Arwana - dok.

His real name is Tukul Riyanto. He has a famous name called Tukul Arwana. He was born in Semarang, October 16, 1963.

Tukul has become a famous comedian in Indonesia since he joined Srimulat a few years ago around 90s. Now, people knows him as a ridiculous presenter (Bukan) Empat Mata at Trans7.

Tukul is a unique person. He introduces himself as Wong Ndeso Rejeki Kuto (a villager but has a a good luck as a townsman).

Tukul has a funny face with a little mustache. It seems like a catfish. His thick lips are his trade mark. They make him well-known and entertaining.

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