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What is Analytical Exposition Text?

| Senin, 07 Mei 2012
This posting will describe what analytical exposition is.

What is Analytical Exposition?

Analytical exposition is a text that has social function to persuade/propose/suggest readers to agree to the writer's opinion about something in the case. The writer gives some reasons and proofs about his opinion to attract the readers.

What are the generic structures of Analytical Exposition text?

There are three parts of Analytical Exposition text. They are issue, arguments, and reiteration. Issue is an opinion brought  by the writers. The issue is usually taken from something happened in public and become pro and contra. Arguments are parts of text containing reasons and proofs to ensure the readers. The reiteration is part of text to restate the writer's opinion.

What are suitable topics to compose Analytical Exposition?

There are many topics suitable for analytical exposition e.g. health problem such as the dangerous of smoking, global warming, dangerous of drugs. Sports may be a good topic for analytical exposition, such as reasons why athlete consumes doping, football prediction etc.

Click one of title below to read the example of Analytical Exposition:

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