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Analytical Exposition | The Reason Why Healthy Food isn’t Interesting

| Rabu, 22 Juni 2011
Healthy Food
The biggest problem owned by healthy food is that very few people like it. It also happens to our stomachs. Research shows that the stomach sends a signal "not satisfied" after we eat healthy foods.

In contrast, after eating less healthy food, our nerves send signals satiety and satisfaction. That was the results of research conducted by Alia Crum and her team from Yale University.

In her research, Crum recruited 46 participants. They were tested to determine the body's response to two drinks a milkshake that was designed with various nutrition.

Whereas, these two drinks contained the same, but the first drink was high fat containing 620 calories. The drink was labeled "good" and promoted "good to drink". Meanwhile, another one was low-fat with 140 calories. The label stated "give satisfaction without guilt".

The participants were asked to taste their milkshake in two weeks separately so they can tell the difference. Then, the researchers took blood samples to determine the level of participants' ghrelin, a hormone that increases when we feel hungry and when satiety level decreases. Apparently, stable ghrelin levelled when participants consumed a drink labeled healthy. This means their bodies did not send signals of satisfaction or fullness after drinking the healthy milkshake.

The experts concluded that, when we believe have been eating foods that are low in calories, the body will send signals that we are less satisfied and still hungry.

Written by Fadli Eha
Genre: Analytical Exposition
Reference: Time, Kompas.com

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