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Teaching English with Task Based Learning

| Minggu, 06 Mei 2012
Task Based Learning (TBL) is a presentation technique used by teacher to introduce new language using a set of task. The task arranged is aimed to reach the goal of learning.

Observe the following steps to know how to present new language using TBL.

Aim: students choose food and drinks for a birthday party.


1. Hold a discussion with the students about when their birthdays are, what present they would like to have, and what they like to eat and drink at birthday parties. You may use web spider to help brainstorming.

2. Put students into small groups and give them a worksheet with the pictures, names and prices of lots or party food and drink on it.

3. Tell the students to do this task: choose the food and drink they would like for a birthday party for ten friends keeping within a price limit e.g. $10.

4. The students do the task while the teacher goes round the class listening and answering any questions.

5. Each group tells the other groups what decisions they have made.

6. Students do a written exercise on the new language which has been learnt.

Source: The TKT Course - Mary Spratt et al.

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