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How To Teach Young Learners

| Minggu, 06 Mei 2012
How to teach young learners? Some teachers complain that teaching English to young learners is difficult. It is not the same as teaching to adult. The difference is children are like blank paper. If teachers make mistakes in teaching, they will make students go wrong. It is like messing up the paper.

Here are some opinion coming from teachers who have taught young learners. We try to resume it for you as the preparation for teaching young learners. We hope we have a better solution for that.

Children get bored easily

Children are different with adult. They easily get bored. They need various technique. They will lose their attention if they feel the lesson is boring.

Children couldn't think abstract things

Children recognize concrete things. They are a little bit difficult to think abstract things. Grammar is abstract for them. If teachers begin to teach them grammar, they will be confused.

Children's vocabulary items are limited

Young learners are beginner. They have small number of vocabulary items in the beginning of the lesson. If teachers talk too much in English, they will soon get tired and anxious.

Children like compliment

Young learners need support to motivate them learning English. Compliment is a good way to increase motivation. Saying "good", "Excellent" are one of the way to grow up their confident.

We realize not all children having those. This article is aimed to share some problems facing by teachers when teaching young learners, in the hope you will be ready when there is a chance to teach young learners.

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