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Descriptive Text Example: Alexa

| Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011
The following is an example of descriptive text about website. The website will be described is Alexa.com, a famous web company to measure rank of web and blog.
Alexa Homepage
Alexa is a website which provides tools to measure the popularity of webs and blogs all over the world. It has been founded since April 1996 to rank many websites.

Alexa's appearance is simple. The website has only two colours, blue and white. On the top of the homepage, there is a logo Alexa with simple letter "a". Below the word "Alexa" there is a short description. It says "The Web Information Company."

Alexa gives free service to rank websites. But, if a website needs to be more concerned by Alexa, it should be registered.

Alexa has 6 parts. They are Site Tools, Top Sites, Sites Info, What's Hot, Toolbar, and Dashboard. Site Tools is a part to be premium members of Alexa. Top Sites consist of popular sites all over the world. You'll find google.com as number one on this page. Site Info contains information about a website which has been queried. What's hot tells about popular topic or keywords among the internet users. Toolbar is a page supplied a toolbar for website, and Dashboard is special for member of Alexa.

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