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What is Discussion Text?

| Sabtu, 21 April 2012
What is discussion text?
Discussion text is a text that has social function to present (at least) two points of view about an issue. Discussion text conveys different ideas or arguments about something. The ideas or arguments may support or against the issue.

What are the parts of discussions text?
Discussion text has 3 parts of text called generic structure. The generic structure of discussion text is issue, argument for and against, conclusion or recommendation. The issue contains of statement and preview about something. The argument contains of statements of differing points of view. Every statements are elaborated. The conclusion or recommendation is used to tell how to solve issue by concerning the arguements for and against.

Example of discussion text and the analysis
The following is an example of discussion text. The text is about pros and contras bringing mobile phone to school.

Bringing Mobile Phone To School

Students are not allowed to bring mobile phone to school. The reasons why they shouldn't bring mobile phone are: avoiding losing mobile phone and disturbing the lesson time.

[Argument against]
This policy causes parents to react. Some of them disagrees. They think students need to bring mobile phone in order to be easy checked and controlled. Some parents say that they may call their children every break time to check whether they are in the school or not. Other parents state that they don't want their children to come home late. By bringing mobile phone they are able to call their children after school off.

[Argument against]
Students also have some objections. They need mobile phone to tell their family to pick them up after school. Beside that, they need mobile phone to access the internet to search some information they need during the lesson.

[Argument for]
But, some other parents think differently. The parents agrees if the school prohibits students to bring mobile phone. They say that bringing mobile phone to school is useless. They are afraid their students are busy with their mobile phone. They are only calling, sending text, chatting and receiving inappropriate file during the school time. They are also worried if the mobile phone is missing.

By hearing to those arguments, the school decide some policies. The policies state that students may bring mobile phone but they should leave their mobile phone in the teachers' room. They may take their mobile phone after school time.

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