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How to Be Succesful in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

| Sabtu, 21 April 2012
Every teacher wants to succeed to teach in the classroom. Successful means he/she succeeds to the aims of learning. We can say successful here when the students are able to follow what the teacher wants to and they don't feel tired or bored to learn.

Now, how to be the successful teacher in teaching? Here is some ideas to be a successful teacher in the classroom.

1. Pay attention to your appearance.

Teacher will be the center of students' attention in the classroom. They will notice the teacher's appearance such as how to wear, hair style and everything concerning with the physical appearance. If you wear dirty clothes to your classroom, don't worry, your students will feel ill and tired before you teach them. So, watch your appearance. Neat and tidy teacher will have one point more than careless teacher.

2. Pay attention to your language performance.

If you are an English foreign language teacher, don't feel tired to improve your language performance. The more you improve, the higher respect you get from your students. It's better not to think that your students are fool or can not estimate your language performance. Some of them may know your language is good or bad.

3. Set the aims of learning well.

Set up the aims of learning means you prepare what your going to teach. The approach, method, technique and strategies you will apply in the classroom. The aims of learning is like a staircase to be succesful in teaching. If you never make preparation before entering the classroom, believe me that your students will feel your lesson is not interesting and boring.

4. Adapt the materials.

Some teachers may rely on textbooks to teach. Whereas, there are some textbooks that are not suitable for students. They may be too high or too low. The teacher's task is to adapt the materials. Take a look into the textbook you are going to use in your preparation time. Adapt the materials so that they are comfortable enough to learn English in the classroom.

Those are 4 tips you may use to be successful in teaching English as a foreign language.

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