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Recount Text: Syahrini Biography

| Kamis, 22 September 2011
Kali ini sekolahoke.com mempersembahkan teks singkat bergenre recount tentang Syahrini. Teks recount ini memuat kisah hidup Syahrini sejak masa kecil hingga meniti karir sebagai penyanyi. Teks dibuat secara sederhana namun mengena untuk pembelajaran bahasa Inggris.

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Syahrini is an Indonesian pop singer. She was born on 1 August 1982 in Bogor, West Java. She spent her most childhood in Sukabumi.

Syahrini (Rini) began to sing when she was a student. She started her career in music industry after singing "Tatapan Cinta" in the compilation album of Coklat Stroberi original soundtrack in 2007. Then, She released her first album when she was a university student of Pakuan Bogor University entitled "My Lovely" with hits single "Bohong" and "My Lovely." This album was supported by famous Indonesian musician like Yovie Widianto and Dewiq. 

Rini released new hit single entitled "Pusing 1/2 Mati" in the middle of 2009. She composed the song by her own self. She was helped by Wawan TMG who had been experiencing with Republik Cinta Management.

Rini became very popular at the end of 2009, when she sang duet with Anang Hermansyah. Their song "Jangan Memilih Aku" was very successful to pay people attention.

Rini and Anang made apart by the end of 2010. But, the lady didn't stop to sing. She released recycled song "Aku Tak Biasa" which had been popular with Alda Rizma long time ago. She made the song so powerful and easy listening.

In the middle of 2011, Syahrini was shocked by some nasty pictures with DJ Daniel. She told that it was the past event. She also said that it was bad experience and wouldn't happen anymore.

Syahrini is sort of strong lady. Although she got some problem, she is patient enough to face it.

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