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Easy Steps How to Make Lesson Plan

| Selasa, 05 Juni 2012
Are you a new English teacher? Do you feel difficult to arrange a lesson plan? This posting is going to give you a solution how to make a lesson plan quickly and easily.

Lesson plan is a guideline used by teacher to set up activities in the classroom. It can help teacher how to manage teaching and learning process.

Making lesson plan is not difficult. The following is the easy steps how to make lesson plan.

1. Deciding aims. 
Learning activities should have aims. The aims of study can be found in the syllabus. 

2. Arranging steps.
There are some techniques in teaching. One of them is three-phase technique. Three-phase technique is set up using three activities. They are pre activities, main activities, and post activities.

In the pre-activities, teachers may use some games as warming up. The warming up is useful to make students ready to study. Pre-activities also give a chance to students to learn language components e.g. vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation will be used in the learning process.

In the main activities, teachers begin to give students some tasks. In this stage, students have a chance to practice the language skills. Teachers may set some strategies in order to make students able to use the language.

In the post activities, teachers may draw conclusion of the study. This stage is used to know how far the students cope with the skills has been learnt. In post activities, teacher may manage to the other skills to explore students ability. Example: teachers teach listening skills in main activities, then continue by giving speaking activities in post activities.

3. Setting up the time.
After making the lesson plan, don't forget to set up the time for each steps. Divide how long each steps will end. The time is useful to control the classroom in order to run well. Example, for 80 minutes time given can be divided into 20 minutes for pre-activities, 30 minutes for main activities, and 30 minutes for post activities.

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