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What is Explanation Text?

| Selasa, 22 Maret 2011
What is explanation text? Some learners are confused to distinguish explanation text and descriptive. This posting is composed to everyone who needs a short and brief description about explanation text.

Before you read the description about explanation text, you need to read the example of explanation text in the following.

What is explanation text?
Explanation text is a text that has social function to explain the processes involved in the formation or workings of natural sociocultural phenomena. Explanation text should show the process which has happened to something.

Generic Structure
Explanation text has two generic structure. They are a general statement to position to the reader and a sequenced explanation of how and why something occurs.

Here is the conclusion of the description above.
  • Explanation text is to explain the processes about something.
Generic structure of explanation text is
  • general statement
  • sequence explanation

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