Sabtu, 19 September 2015

Anecdote: Grilled Chicken

| Sabtu, 19 September 2015
How if you have to eat some food that you don't order?

Friday night after working I stopped in a cafe on my way home. I felt very hungry because I didn't have lunch in the break time.

The cafe was noisy with songs. Some people sat and talked with their friends.

I ordered fried chicken for me myself. But I thought it was a long wait. I had to spend more than 20 minutes for that menu.

After waiting long, waiter came to me bringing some rice and chicken. I didn't notice the chicken. I just received and then ate it.

In the middle of eating, the second waiter came. He asked to people who ordered fried chicken.

I turned my head and looked at the tray. Then I realized that was my order.

I told them that I ordered but I had received the chicken but not fried chicken. I took someone's order. The order was grilled chicken.

Poor me. I had to eat the food that I didn't order.

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