Cerita Lucu Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris Nasreddin and Doorbell

Cerita lucu menggunakan Bahasa Inggris ini diceritakan kembali oleh Fadli Eha menurut bahasanya sendiri. Bagi anda yang ingin membaca cerita aslinya, silahkan simak bukunya berjudul Nasreddin's Funniest Stories karangan Yusup Priyasudiarja dan Y. Sri Purwaningsih yang bisa didapatkan di toko buku Gramedia.

Nasreddin and Doorbell

When he was a little child, Nasreddin was naughty and had many ideas. He wanted to know everything he saw.

One day when he walked along the village, he saw a doorbell. He wondered what was that. In his village people seldom set a doorbell. It was new for him.

He approaced the door. His hand tried to reach te doorbell. But he was too short. He couldn't reach the doorbell. He jumped. But he still couldn't reach the bell.

He looked around and saw a tall man walked on the street. He waved his hand to ask for a help.

"What's wrong, kid?" the tall man asked.

"I wanted to ring the bell. Can you help me?" Nasreddin replied.

"With pleasure," the man said and pushed the button. The bell rang so loud.

"I wanted to hear again," said Nasreddin.

"Okay," the man rang the doorbell again.

"Once more," said Nasreddin happily.

The man pushed the button again. At that time the door opened. An old man with angry face came out. He said angrily, "What the hell are you doing?"

"This little boy asked me to rang the bell," said the tall man.

"Are you blind? I don't see a little boy here. I just see a stupid tall man alone and disturb my bell!" said the man.

The tall man was confused. He didn't see Nasreddin. Seemingly Nasreddin had run away when he knew the owner of the house came out.

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