Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013

Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Dampak Teknologi Jaman Modern

| Sabtu, 16 Februari 2013
Contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang dampak teknologi jaman modern bagi kehidupan manusia.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In this opportunity I'd like to present a speech about the effect of advance technology to our life. 

This a new era. An era where people connect each other easily. It's very easy to talk with someone in different place, town, city, even different country.

We can talk through mobile phone if we need to talk with our parents, friends, even someone we miss out there. We can hang out without facing them.

We can also chat through real time message by sending sms, chat box at facebook, google plus, BBM, yahoo messenger and many other social media suplying instant text messages.

Those didn't happen several years ago. If we wanted to talk with someone, we have to visit him/her. If we needed to know someone's condition we had to send a letter. It needed a time to do.

But now, everything is different. If we want to know something now, we'll get it in real time. Advance technology has made it different.

We have to admit that advance technology brings many possitive effect to our life. 

The first, we can connect easily and quickly to people in different places using telephone, mobile phone, voice chat, video chat, text chat and email.

The second, we know the latest news very fast. We know what happen in Jakarta, Bandung, even in Jayapura through news in the internet and television. We also easily know what is happening in USA, Europe and the other countries.

The third, we don't need to ask people about something we don't know. We can ask search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. We won't get lost the way anymore because we have google maps in our mobile phone or using GPS.

But, unfortunately, there are some bad effects of advance technology. We have to be aware and careful of them. What are they?

The first, advance technology make us forget our real life. There are so much times spending in social media to chat in unreal world. People begin to ignore someone near him. They are busy with the gadget. There are no more talking in the living room to talk about life or just kidding build a warm relationship. Everybody is busy with mobile phone to send text, BBM, or updating status.

The second, advance technology make us break the culture limitation. You know, it's prohibited to pass through one's bedroom, righ? But, gadget make us forget the rule. We can access easily using video call and video chat to one's private room. And, the girls and boys talk freely through mobile phone without worrying parents anger.

The third, advance technology brings threats to life. The criminals easily know the victims and plan to do something bad. Advance techonology is also used as a way to scam other people. Someone can make malware or virus to spy someone's gadget to steal data. Frightening, isn't it?

Ladies and gentleman,

Now, we know the bad and good effects of advance technology. We can get the good effects. But don't forget the bad one. Once more, I tell you that we have to be aware of the negative effects and try to minimize them so that our life will be safer and quieter.

I think that's all my speech. Thanks for your attention.

Demikian contoh pidato tentang dampak teknologi seperti penggunaan HP bagi para pelajar dari segi positif dan negatif.

Naskah pidato ini bisa diadaptasi disesuaikan dengan tingkat audiens. Mengadaptasi bisa dengan mengurangi kata-kata yang terlalu rumit dan banyak makna. Bisa juga dengan menulis ulang dengan alur yang sama namun kata-kata yang sedikit berbeda.

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