Contoh Teks Spoof Singkat

Contoh teks Bahasa Inggris genre spoof.

One day an old man stood up on a bus halt. He looked waiting something. Then he asked to a young man near him.

"Excuse me, may I ask you something?" said the old man.

"Yes, what is it?" the young man replied.

"What time is the bus to Bandung?" asked the old man.

"5 minutes later," the young man answered.

"What time is the bus to Semarang?" the old man asked again.

"Around 10 minutes later," the young man answered briefly. "Where are you going to go, sir?"

"I just wanna cross this street. I'm afraid they hit me," the old man answered then walked crossing the street.

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  1. salam kenal gan....


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