Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Percakapan Meminta Dengan Santun (Polite Request)

| Senin, 09 Januari 2012
Berikut ini percakapan pendek berisi ungkapan meminta dengan santun (polite request).

Fandra: Hi, Joana. How are you?

Joana: I'm good. What about you?

Fandra: I'm very well, thanks. I need your help.

Joana: What is it?

Fandra: I forget to bring my mobile phone. I'm going to borrow yours to call my mom. Would you mind lending it?

Joana: Oh, no problem. Here it is.

Fandra: Okey, thanks.

Ungkapan meminta dengan santun dalam percakapan di atas terdapat dalam kalimat "Would you mind lending it?" Dalam kalimat ini Fandra meminta ijin meminjam ponsel milik Joana.

Ungkapan lain yang termasuk ungkapan meminta dengan sopan adalah:
  • Could you ...?
  • Could you please ...?
  • Would you ...?
  • Would you please ...?
Contoh dalam kalimat:
  • Could you bring my dictionary? My bag is full of books.
  • Would you sit down on the couch? It's nice.
  • Could you stand up for a moment? There's rubbish under the chair. I'm gonna clean it up.
  • Would you please turn on the air conditioner? The room is too hot.

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