Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

The Weakness of Teaching and Learning Using Computer

| Kamis, 10 Mei 2012
Nowadays people tend to use technology very often. The usage of technology should be adapted by teachers in schools.

Information Technology (IT) makes teaching and learning more fun. It's not secret, teaching sometimes makes learners bored and being sleepy during the lesson. The multimedia is a problem solving to boredom on teaching and learning.

Computer and Internet have been very popular lately. Then, the media are well-known as CBT (Computer-Based Training) and WBT (Web-Based Training).

However, there are some weaknesses of teaching and learning using computer. Here are some weaknesses:

1. Computer tends to isolate.

Human beings are social creatures. They should live with other people. Using computer tends to make students more individual than social. Whereas, learners learn best when they cooperate and work with others.

2. Computer tends to make learners passive physically.

People arrange the program of learning using computer because they think that learning only involves brain and logic. They don't realize that learning also involves physical experience for best result.

3. Computer is appropriate for one learning model.

Some learners can sit calmly. They are able to operate computer to learn something. But some other students who have kinematics ability feel that computer is boring and not effective.

4. Computer tends to learn based on media not based on experience.

Experience is the best teacher. Students learn best using several activities. But, using computer makes learning restricted. Learning through computer and Internet makes students only experience in unreal world.

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