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English Game: How Many Vowels

| Rabu, 09 Mei 2012
This game can be used by teachers to warm up students before lesson begins. We call this English game "how many vowels are there?" because it's required students to count how many vowels in a word.

The following is steps how to play the game.

1. Divide your students into 3 groups.

2. Tell them the rule of the game.

3. Draw a table for scoring.

4. Call out  a word. After you call out a number, ask the first group to guess how many vowels the word has.

5. If the group answers correctly give a score. If no, continue to the second group.

6. Call out a word again. Ask the second group to guess the number of vowels.

7. Continue the game until 10 turns.

8. Count the score. A group which has the higher score is the winner.

The following is some example of words you can use.
  • BIG
  • BUS
  • BUT
  • CAME
  • CROW
  • CRAB
  • BLUE

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