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Dialog Menyatakan Rasa Penasaran (Expressing Curiosity)

| Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011
Ada  tiga dialog singkat menyatakan rasa penasaran (expressing curiosity). menyajikannya atas permintaan Lely Maulida Agustin, seorang siswi SMA di kabupaten Jember yang mendapat tugas membuat dialog expressing curiosity bertema lingkungan. 

Materi bahasa Inggris expressing curiosity ini dipelajari di Kelas XII Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) khusus untuk kompetensi listening dan speaking. Mari kita simak.

Dialogue 1
A: I wonder how the toothpastes work on our teeth.
B: The Alkali neutralizes acids on our teeth produced by bacteria when they feed on sugars in our food.
A: What will happen if the acid is not destroyed?
B: If the acid is not destroyed, it corrodes the teeth causing them to decay. Toothpaste usually contains magnesium hydroxide, which neutralizes the acids in the mouth.

Dialogue 2
A: I’ve always been curious about the reason why the old wrecks are now covered with valuable platinum metal.
B: You know, in the 1970s, old cars were dumped in the sea around Hawaii to form artificial reefs to provide shelter for fish.
A: Really? Then what happened to the car?
B: Well, sea water contains platinum which is below iron in the reactivity series. Over the years, the iron in the cars has displaced the platinum so that the old wrecks are now covered with valuable platinum metal.

Dialogue 3
A: Does a rocket need petrol to fly?
B: No, it doesn’t
A: How does it fly? I’m really curious.
B: It uses hydrogen. The hydrogen produces a lot of heat when it burns. It produces at least twice as much energy per gram as any other common fuel. That is why it is used as a fuel for rocket.

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