What is Narrative Text?

What is narrative text?

Narrative text is a text that has social function to amuse or entertain readers. We also know narrative text as fiction or story made by people to entertain the others.

How many parts of text are there in narrative text?

There are mainly 4 parts of text in narrative text. They are called generic structure. The generic structure of narrative text is orientation, complication, resolution and reorientation. Orientation is part to tell the main character, background, and setting. Complication is part to tell the problem faced by the main characters. The resolution is used to tell the problem solving. Reorientation is part of text to close the story.

What types of story belong to narrative text?

There are several types of story belong to narrative text i.e. legend, fable, fairytale, and folktale. Novel also belongs to narrative text.

How to know that a text is narrative or not?

You can use scanning technique through the passage. Try to look for the main characters. After that, find the problem faced by the characters and how it is solved.

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