Soal UN SMP Narrative Text - Greedy Dog

Simak secara seksama narrative text berikut ini. Kemudian jawablah pertanyaan di bawahnya dengan memilih A, B, C, atau D yang tersedia di dalam kotak. Gunakan Google Translate ini jika menemukan kata-kata baru.

One day a dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher's shop. The dog ran away with the meat. It came to a bridge over stream. As the dog was crossing the bridge, it was something moving in the water. There, it saw a dog with a piece of meat and jumped into the water. Of course there was no other in the water. It had been looking at its own picture.

The dog swam to the side of the stream and got out of the water. Then it went to get the meat which it had put down on the bridge. But the meat had gone, another dog, a real dog, had found the meat and had run off with it.

1. Why did the dog jump into the water?
A. Wanted to swim.
B. Saw a dog with a piece of meat.
C. Wanted to play in the water.
D. Felt thirsty.

2. How did the dog lose the piece of meat?
A. The butcher ran after him and took the meat.
B. The meat fell down the stream.
C. Another dog took it away.
D. Someone threw it into the stream.

3. Why did the writer write the story?
A. To describe the dog.
B. To entertain the readers.
C. To show how the dog stole the meat.
D. To inform the readers to avoid from greedily.

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