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Narrative Text Example: A Little Rabbit and Crocodiles

| Senin, 15 Agustus 2011
The following story belongs to narrative text in fable category. We call it fable because it tells a story that the characters are animals.

A little rabbit wanted to find some food in a forest. But unfortunetely he found a big river so that he couldn't cross to another side.

The rabbit looked around. He got surprised when he saw a huge crocodile floating on the river. The crocodile's eyes watched him out.

"Aha!" the little rabbit smiled. He suddenly got an idea.

"Hello, my lord crocodile! Would you please come here," he shouted.

Hearing the rabbit called him, the crocodile swam closer. "Hmm, what's up?"

"I know you're hungry. I'm bringing some food for you and all your friend. You know it's a big cow. I think it would make you so satisfied," the rabbit said.

"Really? Where is it?" the crocodile said.

"It's in the back of that tree," the rabbit pointed out a tree behind him. "I'll give you, but I must know how many crocodiles are here. Could you call your friend to come?"

The crocodile looked happy. Then he called his friends. After a while 20 crocodiles had come.

"Ok. Now please stay in line. I'm going to count your number," said the rabbit.

All crocodiles moved and made a row. A moment later the big river was covered by crocodiles waiting some food that rabbit promised.

The rabbit jumped to the first crocodile's back. He began to count.

"One, two, three,..." the rabbit counted by jumping up to crocodiles' back one by one.

"nineteen, twenty," After stepping the last crocodile, the rabbit jumped into the river bank and ran into the forest. Then he laughed and shouted, "Stupid!"

Written by Fadli Eha ~

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